Xbox Scorpio tech specs released!

Details about the Xbox Scorpio have been kept very secret since it was announced last year. However, today Microsoft have teased the first few tech specs. For the purpose of competition, I’m going to compare them with its main rival, the Playstation 4 pro. Straight away , as a Sony fanboy, it pains me to say that there is no point in comparing them because the Scorpio wipes the floor (on paper) with the Pro.



For those who don’t understand what all the numbers in this article will mean all you need to know is that bigger is better.

Category Playstation 4 pro Xbox Scorpio
CPU 8 Jaguar cores – 2.1Ghz 8 Jaguar x86 cores – 2.3Ghz
GPU 36 computing units – 911Mhz 40 computing units  – 1172Mhz
Memory (RAM) 8GB GDDR5 12GB GDDR5
Bandwith 218GB/s 326GB/s
Optical drive Blu-ray 4K Blu-ray


As it plainly obvious, it isn’t really a competition but a white-wash. More is more and the Scorpio has more of everything (Except HDD size). It has more graphical capabilities, the ability to read UHD Blu-ray discs, has more memory available to process more information when needed and it has a more powerful processor for the same reason.

However, this does beg the question; how expensive is it going to be? Sony managed to keep the price below £350 but I would be very surprised is Microsoft can match that. Nothing has been announced regarding it’s price as of yet but I would guess it will launch at £400-£450. Considering that this console generation will probably be over in 3 years, it is a lot of money.


Life-line for Micosoft

Microsoft had to do something bold. They have always been overpowered by the Japanese powerhouse that is Sony. Sales of Playstation 4’s were more than double the sales of Xbox One’s so if the Scorpio flops Microsoft may as well just cross this console generation off as a failure and prepare for the next one. Personally, it looks as though Microsoft are switching their focus. Instead of trying to compete with the Pro I think they’re trying to take down the mid-range PC level. It won’t work because it’s a completely different market but with these specs that is what it seems as though they are angling towards. Or perhaps this is their next generation console and they won’t launch another one for another 5-6 years (except maybe a slimmed down version) but all of that is mere speculation.


Release date

Microsoft has announced that there will be a release in the ‘Holiday season’ of 2017. In gaming terms this means that it will likely launch towards mid-late November so that everyone has the chance to get one before the Christmas rush.


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