What We Are Looking Forward To At E3

We are now just a month away from E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. It is the time when developers like to show off their newest and best creations. From games to graphics cards to VR to well, pretty much anything tech related. E3 is usually the time when the public gets to see what the huge companies have been working on and hope will be their next big release. With that being said we decided to share with you all the games developers that we are most looking forward to seeing at E3.


Naughty Dog/Sony

Let’s kick this off with my favourites, Naughty Dog. I’m hoping that they will be showing off two games this year. Firstly, I think it’s pretty much certain that they will show off more game play, and probably have a hands on, with Uncharted 4 The Lost Legacy. By the time E3 is here I imagine it will be, more or less, a finished game. There may still be minor tweaks needed but most of the content will already be there.

Secondly, I am hoping that we’ll get to see a little more from The Last Of Us II. I’m not expecting game play yet but it was officially announced several months ago. I imagine that we will see either another trailer or we will get to see a few new things such as enemies or protagonists. Naughty Dog will obviously keep all of their cards close to their chests but as rumours are expecting TLOU 2 to be released towards the end of this year, the game may not be too far away from being complete by the time that E3 is here. I also think that ND will use E3 as an opportunity to announce the official release date.



Rockstar games, the beer swilling cousin of Naughty Dog (at least that’s how I like to imagine them). I always feel like they start to make a game in the same seriousness that Naughty Dog do, then get bored half way through and add all of the foul mouthed characters and explosions; lots and lots of explosions. And do you know what? It works. Rockstar Games are never boring.

At E3 this years I am expecting to see A LOT of Red Dead Redemption 2. I have no doubt that we will also see some GTA 5 dlc but I don’t care about that when RDR2 is on offer. It is rumoured to have a Sepember release which means it should more or less be complete for E3.


Bethesda have already teased us with information for E3 with the following picture: Bethesda E3

This has gaming journalists everywhere believing that there will be two big announcements from them at E3. One theory is that the 2 parts which are “coming soon” are actually The Evil Within 2 and a new Wolfenstein game. They are the two most likely outcomes but I’m still holding out hope for an official announcement on Elder Scrolls VI (although I know there is probably only a 0.0000001% chance of that)


I am expecting to see a lot of Nintendo Switch content. Whether it’s games or peripherals you can almost guarantee that the LA Convention Centre will be swimming in it. Nintendo have announced that they won’t be holding a conference, which is not unusual but I’m sure that they will still have a large section of the convention floor. In terms of game it will be interesting to see if they show off more Super Mario Odyssey as well as areas where people can team up to play Splatoon 2.

When is E3?

E3 takes place between Tuesday, June 13 and Friday, June 16 at the Los Angeles Convention Centre.


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