What is Rime and why am I looking forward to it?

Rime is an upcoming game by Tequila Works who are a relatively young development team from Madrid and founded by several former Blizzard employee. I wouldn’t say that they have had any notable successes thus far with their only release being a game called Deadlight back in 2012. However, fast forward 5 years and we are nearing the release date for their new game, Rime.


What is Rime?

Rime is and adventure puzzle game. Players take control of a young boy who is shipwrecked on a mysterious island with no memories of his past. You must use your wits and guile to solve puzzles to discover the secrets of the island. Throughout the game, players will receive the help of their companion who just so happens to be an adorable fox. The art style uses very warm colours and is softly drawn. It gives it a similar vibe to Breath of the Wild which is certainly not a bad thing for a chilled out puzzle game.


The Last Guardian

The reason why I’m excited for Rime is because I get serious Last Guardian vibes from it. Many people felt disappointed by The Last Guardian but I loved it (Check out my review here). It was a game that really hit an emotional heart string with me and seeing a new game of the same ilk is starting to bring back the warm, fuzzy feeling deep inside my cold, dead heart. Time will tell whether Rime will compare with TLG but the similarities are certainly there.


Release date

Rime is due to be released on the 26th May for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.


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