What we want to see from The Last Of Us 2

The Last Of Us is arguably one of the greatest games that has ever been made. It truly redefined how effective story telling can be in video games. It made me laugh, made me feel all warm and fuzzy, scared me, scarred me and even made me shed a tear or two (in fact it managed to do that in the opening scene). With that being said and with the announcement of The Last of Us part 2; I have decided to list some of the things that I think we will see and some of the less likely things that I want to see from what it possibly the most anticipated game to be released over the next couple of years.


Peaceful moments

One of the elements that really helped The Last of Us was its ability to use peacefulness brilliantly. There were moments when the sun was shining, there wasn’t a single enemy around and you were free to just have a look around (the iconic giraffe scene for example). The things that you discovered were usually incredibly depressing but you still found yourself longing for those moments of peace and quiet. They were often interrupted by periods of fear and action and because of this made you cherish them even more.



I think it’s pretty certain that there will be new enemies in The Last of Us 2. I don’t remember there ever being a sequel that only had all of the same enemies in as its original game. Personally, I don’t think it needs any new types of enemy but I’m pretty sure that there will be. Looking at the reveal trailer, it has been a few years since the last game so it leads me to believe that the cordyceps virus will have further mutated to create more terrifying monstrosities.


The Last of Us?

One thing that I do think will be interesting will be how many other characters are used in the sequel. Whether the majority of the game will focus on just Joel and Ellie or whether there will be new allies. I kind of hope it is the former, as the virus spreads surely the amount of healthy people will decrease meaning that they will be more few and far between. What will this mean for the story? I imagine that the colony where Joel and Ellie went to live at the end of The Last of Us will have been overrun, either by the infected or by the fireflies/others looking for Ellie. Will this make for two protagonists that find it even more difficult to trust other people? No matter what happens, the trailer already gives off an even darker vibe than The Last of Us did.



The Last of Us’ multiplayer was a lot of fun. It was very different from most other online shooters. Teams were small, upgrades were difficult to acquire and most people were on an even playing field at the start of each round (even despite what rank you were). Also, crafting was key. I think all of the elements should remain from the first game but bigger teams and larger maps would be beneficial in my opinion. Instead of the 4 a side matches I’d opt for 6-8 per side. Plus a couple of extra online game modes would revitalize the online game (circa Unchartered 4).



Don’t change too much

One of the things that I’m most afraid of is that The Last of Us 2 will be too different from the first game. Naughty Dog are possibly the greatest game studio currently active (based on the quality of their games) and I’m pretty sure that they won’t actually change too much from the first game. When they find their formula, as all good businesses do, they stick to it and I hope they do on this occasion too.


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