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Vampyr is, for me, a game which should be receiving more hype than it currently is. The upcoming action-RPG is made by DONTNOD Entertainment who, as far as studios go, are quite young. Their previous works include Remember Me and Life is Strange. Remember Me was a bit of a miss for me but Life is Strange was absolutely fascinating. However, because Vampyr looks so different from the other 2 games, I really don’t know what we can expect.



Vampyr takes place in 1918 London, at the time of the Spanish Flu pandemic. Players take control of  a doctor who also happens to be a vampire. This dynamic has him stuck between his duty as a doctor and his insatiable bloodlust as a vampire. It is this element that makes this game so interesting to me. Will players get the choice whether to play as a peaceful professional or will they be able to, at the press of a button, turn on full-power vampire mode? Whichever route they take, it’s sure to be interesting and somewhat original.



Simply put, it looks dark and dreary. This isn’t a bad thing though as it is exactly as it is supposed to look. You can’t have a vampire game where you run around Venice beach in full daylight. It is supposed to feel dark, cold and lonely and DONTNOD have done this impeccably. Obviously all we have seen thus far is pre-alpha footage and trailers but we can expect the finished game to look pretty similar (they wouldn’t show it off if it looked garbage now would they?).


Release date

Although no official release date has been announced, Vampyr is expected for release at some point in late 2017, likely just in time for Christmas.

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