Throwback Thursday – Crash Team Racing – Review

If there was one thing that I was afraid of with Throwback Thursday, it’s that one of my beloved childhood games wouldn’t stand the test of time. Unfortunately, that’s the case with Crash Team Racing.


My fond memories of Crash Team Racing

Rewind back to 1999. I was 7-8 years old and was obsessed with my PlayStation. I used to look forward to every Saturday when I would go into town with my parents, go to the local WH Smiths (stationery store which sold games) and beg them to buy me the latest game. That was until I got Crash Team Racing, then I made every effort to not leave the house. However, by far the best part about the game for me is that my dad used to play it with me. It wasn’t the first time we’d played video game together (I’ll save that story for another day) but it was one of my favourite games that we played. As it was almost 20 years ago I don’t even remember much about the game, just that I used to enjoy it alongside him.

So I figured why not fire up the old PlayStation and try it again for old times sake. This time, not with my Dad because he has better things to do now.



I wish I hadn’t. Let me be clear and say that it isn’t a bad game. By the standards of the day it was a very good game but because my expectations were so high from my childhood memories it was never going to be able to live up to them. Firstly, not the games fault, it feels wrong to pick up a controller without an analog stick on now-a-days. For people with relatively large hands (like myself) they are incredibly difficult to use.

In terms of graphics I can’t fault it. For the technology that was available at the time it looks as good as it could and they do hold up fairly well. The main issue that I have is that it isn’t as quick as I remember. When I was a kid I felt like I was going 300 mph around every bend and narrowly avoiding the most deadly of obstacles but now it feels… slow. It feels like I have an hour to adjust to avoid obstacles, all of the challenge which is why I loved the game as a child are gone.



Although it doesn’t really hold up to me, I’ll always have the memories.


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Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing


  • At least I still have the memories


  • Doesn't hold up as well as I remember
  • Seems a lot easier than it used to feel

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