The Last of Us Part 2 Release date and story

The Last of Us Part 2 is possibly the most hyped I have ever been for a video game. I remember seeing the trailer for the original game and immediately becoming obsessed with it. Fortunately, the last of us lived up to its hype and became my favourite game of all time; even beating Shadow of the Collosus and Final Fantasy X. That is why I am even more excited about the sequel. Little is known about the last of us 2 at the moment but there have been several rumours circulating the net, which even if wrong provide a bit of entertainment.

When will the last of us 2 be released?

Little is known about when it will come out. I originally thought that maybe it would be around Nov/Dec 2017. However,┬áNeil Druckmann recently said in a post on the Playstation Blog “It’s still early days for the project” and “The game’s release is a ways off.” Leading me to believe maybe we are looking more towards a spring 2018 release.

What will the story be about?

Again, Naughty Dog is very tight lipped on the subject of The Last of Us 2’s story. There have been several theories ranging from Joel being a ghost to Ellie being pregnant. Personally though, I think they will spend most of the game on the run. I imagine that the compound that they settled down at during the end of the last of us will be destroyed, either by the cordyceps or by the fireflies looking for Ellie. The only thing that is clear from the reveal trailer is that the last of us 2 takes place several years after its predecessor.

Will there be new enemies?

I would say there probably will be. As terrifying as Clickers were I think new enemies will be introduced. The virus will have spread for many more years, allowing it to mutate. I don’t think they will remove any enemies from the first game however. The developers will still want it to feel like the same franchise but they risk it becoming stale if they only use the same enemies.


If you still need a fix for The Last Of Us part 2, watch the reveal trailer again. Alternatively you can check out Naughty Dog‘s website for any brand new information.

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