The Evil Within 2 release date leaked?

The Evil Within was a giant hit when it was released, both with fans and critics. It was incredibly tense, difficult and immersive which is really hard for a horror game to pull off for over 20 hours of gameplay. It was also a huge success commercially so it is no surprise that there would be a sequel. Although no official release date has yet been announced for the Evil Within 2, we may have just received a clue as to when it may be.


Psycho Break

The first thing to note is that the game is developed by the Japanese company, Tango Gameworks and the Japanese version of the Evil Within is called Psycho Break. This is important to know because there has recently been a (unconfirmed) job listing for Tango Gameworks to work on a title called Psycho Break 2. You may be wondering how where the title of this article has come from based on a job advert? Well wonder no more. The job is listed to end by 31st October. Does this mean that development is scheduled to end before November? Probably. Based on that information, although still unconfirmed, we can likely expect The Evil Within 2 to be released around late 2017, just in time for the Christmas sales.



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