Steep – Review

Steep is a game developed by Ubisoft with help from professional skiers, snowboarders, para-gliders and wing-suit enthusiasts. It is, essentially a modern day SSX but there is much more to it than that.


Looks + Gameplay

Steep is set in the Alps and I have to say it is frighteningly accurate, both in looks and gameplay aspects. It is very true to real life. If you’re traveling at speed and hit a small mogul, you’re gonna have a bad time. Also, if you bump into your friends online, you will both have a bad time. The physics and ragdoll effect are probably the best parts of the game.


Game modes

What makes Steep a good game is that there are different game modes to break up the monotony of playing the same thing over and over again. The main sources of transport are Ski’s/snowboard (Which can be used on each course), wingsuit (by far the best) and parachute (by far the worst). Each of these methods of transport have their own races. Other than that though there are different race modes. There’s checkpoint races, point to point, proximity and freestyle.

Checkpoint is a race mode where players have to finish by passing through each checkpoint. Point to point is where there is a start line and a finish line but players can choose which route they want to take, this makes for some really interesting tactical game play. Proximity is probably my favourite and most frustrating; this is where players have to have as many near misses as possible, purposely zooming close to rocks and trees to rack up more points. Freestyle is a trick mode where players perform stunts to out-score each other. There are also other smaller game modes where players have to kill themselves ‘as much’ as possible. The person who is ‘most dead’ wins.

Players also have the option to create their own races using the easy to use in-game system. They can then challenge their friends to compete against them.


Perfectionists Nightmare

I haven’t been honest with you all. I’m a perfectionist and because of this I’m having a really frustrating time playing Steep. If you have a personality like me where you have to do something in the best way possible, do yourself a favour and avoid Steep. You will find yourself trying to shave off a hundredth of a second just to reclaim top spot from your friends or flying just too close to a giant boulder in order to achieve an extra 15 points.



Steep is by far the best free roam ski/snowboard/wingsuit/parachute game but unfortunately that is all it is. It does what it needs to do very well but just loses the enjoyment factor after a few hours of game play, once the novelty has worn off.


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  • Fun to play with friends
  • Fun different modes
  • Looks great


  • Boring to play alone
  • A perfectionists nightmare
  • After a few hours you've done all there is to do

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