Rocket League – Review

Rocket league has become somewhat of a revelation. Built by a team of talented people at Psyonix using the Unreal engine it has gone on to be one of the best selling games in recent years. It has received acclaim from fans and created a rather large online presence with hundreds of Youtubers and Streamers giving it free publicity. But is it any good? Let’s find out.


Game play

Imagine football (real football, not the thing where Americans run around in body armour because they’re afraid to play rugby) but played with cars. That’s Rocket League. You use your car to try and guide the ball into your opponents goal. There are loads of maps (official and fan made) which add new deviations onto this, like a basketball mode and another where the arena is like a ring but the rules essentially remain the same. Simple but effective.



For what is a simple game, there is detail in ever corner. All of the cars, components, assests, arenas, backgrounds, absolutely everything is drawn with incredible attention to detail. This is something that really sets Rocket League apart from its competitors. I have also never experienced any form of lag or dropped frames while playing the game. Everything runs perfectly smooth. The one main downside that I have found is that the camera controls take a lot of getting used to. For the first 10 or so matches I found myself aimlessly driving around while all of my team mates shouted at me.



This is what Rocket League is all about. The fast paced multiplayer game play. I think it is fast becoming my favourite game to play with friends. You can just turn it on, throw back a couple of beers and switch your brain off for a bit in good company. Because it has become so popular it can take only seconds to find a game and there never seems to be any kind of lag issues either (at least I haven’t experienced any). Also, one great thing about online games (unlike most games) is that when a player leaves, it doesn’t kick everyone out of the game, it just uses AI to control their car.


Rocket League Rumble

Rocket League rumble is a game mode where players get randomly given special power ups to try and screw over their opponents. It is a lot of fun and it adds a whole new mechanic to what was already a great game. I’ve been assured that the power ups that players receive are completely random, so when you get angry that you’ve got the ‘switch position’ power up for the 5th time that game don’t blame me, blame the code.



What I like the most is that Rocket League doesn’t take itself too seriously. It knows that it isn’t going to be the next Minecraft or the next Call of Duty and because it knows this is what makes it such a fun experience. It knows exactly what it wants to be and what it is.


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Rocket League

Rocket League


  • Fun game play
  • Simple but effective
  • Rumble!


  • Frustrating camera

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