PlayStation 4 Pro – Review

The PlayStation 4 is now 3 years old and in an effort to remain on top Sony have released a newer, more up to date version; the PlayStation 4 Pro. This isn’t an uncommon thing to happen. With every console (which usually have a 6 year life-span), a newer version is released half way through its life cycle. The PlayStation became the PS One and the PlayStation 2 and 3 received slim versions. It is usually seen as a kind of last hurrah before the next generation of consoles comes to fruition. However with this new revamp, it feels as though Sony have improved the hardware more than in previous versions. This may be due to the upcoming ‘One S’ from Microsoft which is their updated version of the Xbox One.



As with all revamped consoles, the PlayStation 4 Pro has had a design overhaul. However unlike all previous revamped consoles, the Pro is bigger than the original PS4. This is due to the more powerful hardware inside and to allow for better air circulation to keep it from overheating. It looks kind of similar to the original console, just with an ‘extra layer’ on top.



The PlayStation 4 Pro packs a punch in comparison to the regular PS4. Its CPU is 31% faster, it has twice the storage space and its GPU has a staggering 128%  more power. Overall it is a massive increase and the reason behind this is so that it can more effectively support VR games and 4K resolution. One of the major gripes however is that it doesn’t have the ability to read UHD Blu-Ray discs meaning that any 4K play has to come from streaming.



Overall, the PlayStation 4 pro is a huge improvement on the original console which will easily last until the next generation of consoles comes out. However it is still nothing on a PC but that’s a topic for another discussion.




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  • Quicker loading times
  • Fewer framerate issues
  • Big improvement on the PS4


  • No 4K Blu-ray disc drive
  • PC Master Race

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