PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Is Coming To Consoles

Console fans rejoice! Soon you will be able to play the massively over-hyped PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The PC version has been a huge commercial success but I for one was not a fan, you can read my review of the alpha here. I will probably give it a good go again when early access ends and we see a more polished and complete game as I have heard that there have been quite a few big updates recently.


Making Bank

We also reported, before our review, on how successful PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds had become, making over $11 million in its first weekend. Helped massively by streamers and YouTubers alike meaning that they didn’t have to have a huge marketing budget to help boost sales. Now that the word is out and fandom is boosted, it really isn’t a surprise that they would opt for a console release. After all it’s billed as a game that’s better played with friends and I would personally say that consoles are still the most convenient way to do that.


Release Date

No time frame has been announced as of yet for the console release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds but as it is being built in the Unreal Engine, porting it to consoles shouldn’t be too time consuming. Developer, Brendan Greene, did also state that he was hoping to be out of early access within half a year.


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