Nioh – review

Nioh is the latest game from Team Ninja who are the people behind the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden game series. Nioh is an action RPG game and feels very much in the mold of a Bloodbourne/Dark Souls title. This is by no means a bad thing and I was very much surprised by how enjoyable I found the game to be as nothing that I’d seen had really given me high hopes for the title before launch.



Nioh follows the story of William Adams as he trawls through Japan whilst fighting Oni. To be honest, the story itself does get a little too complicated in parts but overall it is pretty solid. There aren’t any tear-jerking moments or rolling around on the floor laughing but it just feels like an enjoyable ride and you could quite easily play through it more than once.



You can tell that incredible attention to detail was taken when animating all of the enemies and allies. There are occasional clipping issues but nothing to ruin the experience. As for the colours; it’s dark, very dark but that is necessary in a game of this ilk. It wouldn’t look right with a Zelda or Mario colour palette. While it isn’t quite Dark Souls level as you do get the odd colour burst, it’s far from warm and welcoming. But it’s that which creates an almost eerie feel and helps the player to fully immerse themselves.


Game play

Nioh’s Game play wise it’s also similar to Dark Souls. Meaning that it is difficult. At time agonizingly difficult. Although that is part of what makes Nioh so enjoyable. The sense of satisfaction you get after spending hours just trying to take down one enemy is like finally going to the toilet after needing to go for the last 4 hours. It’s a combination of relief and euphoria that only experienced gamers can enjoy (and possibly top level athletes too).



Nioh is a thrill ride of rage, euphoria and anguish. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel but what it tries to do, it executes brilliantly. For me it falls short of being perfect but it is still an excellent piece of work.

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  • Brilliant
  • Fun
  • Very well made


  • Occasional clipping issues (But I'm being very picky)

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