New Prey trailer! Weapon and Power Combos

We are now just a month away from Prey’s release date of 5th May. Now that we are getting closer, Bethesda are trying to ramp up the hype by releasing a Weapon and Power combos trailer. From the looks of it there will be quite a bit of variety in terms of play style. You could go gung-ho and open a can on every enemy that you see or you could play it more sneaky and pick them off at range or with traps. From all accounts, the first weapon that is shown, the Gloo Cannon, will be the most important weapon in the game but we will have to wait and see if that is true.



It still isn’t clear whether different weapon/powers work better against different enemies. I hope they do because if not players might just use the same strategies throughout the entirety of the game. Looking at the trailer, I would say that different enemy types do react differently depending on your weapon of choice but it’s too early to tell if that is true or not.


Anyway, a picture paints a thousand words so check out the full trailer here:

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