Middle Earth: Shadow of War Release date

The much anticipated sequel to Shadow of Mordor (Middle Earth: Shadow of War) has just been announced by Warner Bros. It is scheduled for release on 22nd August for North America and 25th August for Europe. The news comes less than 24 hours after an information leak which more or less implied the same info.


I can’t wait. I put a good 30-40 hours into Shadow of Mordor, constantly killing orcs to promote the ones that I liked, only to then kill them also. It will be interesting to see what kind of game play tweaks they make in this new game. I wasn’t one who had many issues with the first game but I know several of my friends found its controls frustrating. I hope that Shadow of War follows a similar sort of style. Another open-world, do what you want Lord of the Rings game is what this world needs. Ok maybe that’s an exaggeration but I’m just way to gassed. Do I really have to wait another 6 months? What if I’m really, really good?


Shadow of War is expected to be released on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Also in the leak it informed us that there will apparently be two versions available at launch. A standard version and a gold version which will include dlc and in-game items.



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