Gravity Rush 2 – Review

Gravity Rush was a game that kind of came out of nowhere to receive critical acclaim. Released originally as a VITA game and introduced a new mechanic, the ability to control gravity. Five years on we revisit the story of Kat and her friends with the release of a sequel, but will it hold up to the original? Let’s find out…



As a big anime fan I love games of this style. As much as I do enjoy games that look at realistic as possible, it is refreshing to see a game that looks like a game rather than a movie. The world has also been massively revamped for the sequel. It’s much more vertical and you need to utilise Kat’s abilities to move from place to place. It’s fully open world so you are free to explore as you see fit.


Story and gameplay

The characters will be familiar to those who played the original Gravity Rush. The main cast are Kat, Raven and Sid, each of them feeling unique with their own personalities deeply ingrained in the game. The main story for me does have a few holes in it and there are occasions where you think “that doesn’t seem right” but there is the opportunity to break it up with lots of fun side-quests. The gameplay, again, is very similar to those who played the original game. Kat has more abilities but the mechanics are basically the same. I did notice a few control issues, mainly when in tight spaces, which did frustrate me for the most part it is pretty smooth sailing.



Gravity Rush 2 is a fun experience. It does have a few hiccups and it won’t go down in history as one of the greatest games of all time but they’ve managed to improve on the original game and that’s fine by me. It’s an easy game to lose yourself in for a few hours which, at the end of the day, is the purpose of video games.




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Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush 2


  • The world and mechanics
  • Fun sidequests


  • Controls can be derpy
  • A few minor story plot holes

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