Grand Theft Auto Online: Tiny Racers

It appears as though Grand Theft Auto 5 is returning to its roots by introducing a new top down race mode called Tiny Racers. In Tiny Racers, players will have a different variety of power ups which they can use to bully their opponents into losing. However, there is more to it than that, it isn’t just a 2D racing game. There is also a 3D element in it with the ability to jump over opponents and fly off of ramps. I imagine that it works the same as the rest of the game but with a fixed downward facing camera rather than a camera that follows your character.


For those who aren’t old enough to remember, of which I’m not one, Grand Theft Auto was originally a top down experience. Players used to take control of a little blob (I always found him very hard to control but I was young at the time) and used to run around answering payphones (again, if you don’t remember, you’re too young to play GTA). See below for a picture of some classic Grand Theft Auto.

tiny racers gta original game image


Tiny Racers release date

Grand Theft Auto Online: Tiny Racers is released today, April 25. It’s available on every console and PC that GTA5 is released on.


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