For Honor – Review

For Honor is the latest in a long line of Ubisoft titles. It’s an all out no holds barred melee extravaganza. As a game it has a lot going for it but overall I think it disappointingly falls a little short of what it had the potential to be.



Let’s start off on For Honor’s strongest plus point, its combat. I have never experienced a melee fighting system that is so well executed. It is very complicated but it adds a new mechanic that I have never before seen in a game. If you are a button basher you will be destroyed. Every fight that you enter needs a strategy and that strategy needs to be constantly improved for you to survive. Occasionally you have to sit back and block attacks (which you have to manually do) until you see the slightest opening, other times you have to run or call for back up.



As with all big budget studio games.  The visuals are extraordinary. This should come as no surprise as it has always been Ubisoft’s strong point, other than all the creepy visual assassins creed glitches that is. The version that I played was for the Playstation 4 (not the pro) and even that ran perfectly without any kind of framerate issues.



I feel this is where it all starts to go downhill slightly. The story isn’t bad but I found myself not caring about it and to be completely honest, it felt just like a really long tutorial. Through-out 75-80% of the story it felt as though things were being introduced only for me to figure out a new mechanic in the game. This is one of the downsides of making a brilliant, but complicated, fighting system. It’s too difficult to explain all at once so you have to do it piece by piece. The problem is when the system is REALLY in-depth it takes a REALLY long amount of time to explain it.



Do you suffer from stress and anxiety dreams? Do you get frustrated when you get completely steam roller-ed? If the answer to either of these is yes, don’t play For Honor online. After playing 5-6 games it’s a fun enjoyable experience but those first few are soul destroying. The nicest thing that I can say is that maybe the matchmaking needs a little work. In my first game I felt as though I was up against people who had the coordination of Swiss public transport. I blinked for a slightly prolonged period of time and it was over. As I slowly got into it with my friends I realised that the opposite was true, we were steam roller-ing all the newbies. It also feels as though whichever team has the greater numbers will win. I understand that this is what usually happens in real life but if you only want to play with a couple of friends it can be less than enjoyable.


Overall, an Honor (able) attempt

I like what Ubisoft has done in their attempt to remake melee heavy games. It falls short of being a truly great game but you can be sure that it will pave the way for more games in the future which copy/further improve the combat system. I am sure that I will put a lot more hours into it but it won’t make my all time top 10 list.



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For Honor

For Honor


  • Brilliantly complex fighting
  • Great visuals
  • New melee benchmark?


  • Prepared to be destroyed online to begin win
  • Story is akin to a long tutorial

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