Feel like streaming Persona 5? Well don’t!

It seems to becoming more and more common that game developers/publishers are getting increasingly strict over their IP (Intellectual property). Copyright strikes are on the rise against people streaming and recording their titles on Twitch and YouTube. Now, Atlus has released some guidelines for their recently released game, Persona 5.



Persona 5 developers Atlus have released a set of “guidelines” that people who want to post content of the game must follow. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the issue of a content ID claim or a channel strike/ account suspension. The guidelines are as followed:

  • Each video posted must be no longer than 90 minutes
  • You are not allowed to include any plot spoilers in your videos. This includes the ending of each palace.
  • You are only allowed to show 1 boss battle (Kamoshida boss fight), any of the others are not permitted.
  • You must not focus heavily on cutscenes, most of your gameplay must be puzzle solving or exploring Tokyo.


Why is streaming so bad?

Atlus have actually disabled the PlayStation 4’s share function from working with Persona 5 although if you use a capture card you can get around this (you didn’t hear that from me). However it does raise the question; why is streaming such taboo? In their press release, Atlus state that they don’t want the game to be spoiled for any people who want to play the game but this is a load of bullsh*t. They fear that by watching the game, people won’t be buying the game and while there may be an element of truth to this, they have failed to factor in the free publicity aspect of streaming. Personally, I check out streams to see if a game looks fun before I buy it. It’s like playing a demo and using the players reaction to see if him/her are actually enjoying it, if they are then I usually purchase the title and experience it for myself.

Games like Persona 5, which outside of Japan are nowhere near as successful as other big titles, can be massively helped by streaming. We have already seen it this year with Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. That hasn’t had any kind of formal marketing but a few streamers and YouTubers play it and it managed to make $11million in its opening weekend. If they had blocked streaming it probably wouldn’t have made 10% of that.

I do understand the point that Atlus are making. Streaming and recording can reveal spoilers but the audience watch the content knowing that there will be spoilers. It should be their decision whether they want to experience it by themselves or by watching somebody else play it.

The most disappointing aspect is that Persona 5 is a superb game. Many people who maybe can’t afford the game or live somewhere where they don’t have access to it, now will not be able to experience it.


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