Farpoint – The Best VR Game This Year?

Farpoint is an upcoming game by Impulse Gear and Sony. It is a new virtual reality title for the PlayStation 4 and at a first glance, I’m really excited. It looks as though it is the first full length game to properly utilise VR and not just treat it as a novelty. I’ll let you make your own minds up by viewing the trailer below.


Who are Impulse Gear?

Impulse Gear are a relatively young team of game developers. However in this case, young doesn’t mean inexperienced as the team has a combined experience of over 40 years in the video game industry working on many AAA titles at EA. They solely make games with VR capability and from what I can gather, Farpoint is their first major release. Although based on the trailer (see video below) they don’t seem like your typical new start up. For starters, they are releasing a full game rather than an early access title. If you want to learn more about Impulse Gear then you can check out their site here.


What is Farpoint?

Farpoint is a virtual reality, co-op game where players embody the role of an astronaut that crash lands on an alien world. You are joined by your colleague and whilst exploring your new surroundings you discover alien life. The problem is that the aliens aren’t friendly little grey dudes with big heads and bulbous eyes. Instead they are giant, toothy monstrosities who happen to be hell-bent on killing you. Your aim is to make it off the planet and get back home but it won’t be easy.


The future of gaming?

I still maintain that VR has a long way to come but that it will eventually become crucial to mainstream gaming. One of the reasons why it hasn’t really taken off yet, in my opinion, is because it was launched before the technology is either ready or affordable. It will take a really special experience to boost the VR industry and Farpoint may well prove to be that experience.


Release Date

Farpoint is due for release on the PlayStation 4 (VR headset required) on May 16.


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