Destiny 2 Game Play Footage!

Last night we were treated to the first game play footage from Destiny 2. A picture paints a thousand words therefore a video must paint a million. This is my way of saying that instead of me listing off everything in the game play reveal, I’ll embed the video down below so that you can all watch it for yourselves. A lot of fans and critics alike are praising the game for its new features but to me I could quite easily mistake it for the original game. I enjoyed the first game when it first came out but I’m finding it difficult to get excited by this sequel.

Feel free to watch the reveal footage and let me know your thoughts on social media. Our links are below the video.


***Please note that the footage is shown on PC powered by Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti’s. It is likely played on Ultra settings so it will look better than your standard console at home.

Release Date

Destiny 2 is scheduled to be released on September 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. By pre-ordering, you receive access to the Beta.


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