Days Gone release date leaked!

Days Gone is an upcoming Playstation 4 game that is sure to be one of biggest debut titles this year. Whether it’s good or not won’t really matter, the hype created is too high. It will sell and sell well regardless.


Days Gone

Days Gone is another post-apocalyptic survival zombie title (Hooray an original idea!) Although, with that being said, I am still a bit hyped for this game. It is rare to see a zombie game set in such a rural setting (other than The Last of Us but if we are going to compare it to that it’ll be a quick funeral for Days Gone). It does make me question the number of zombies that there can actually be in the middle of nowhere, based on what we’ve seen thus far, but I doubt that will bother me if the game is good.


Another release date leak?

Release date leaks by retailers seem to be getting more and more popular. Recently we covered a story about the leak of the release date for Red Dead Redemption 2. This time it’s the turn of Austrian retailer,, who listed Days Gone release date as 22nd of August. This has since been changed so that no date is listed but not before the story broke. The question remains; is this actually the release date? Personally, I think it will be correct. That will make it around 12 months since the game was announced which is more or less the norm for a title of this size.


days gone release leak


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