Daily Deals – Friday 14th April

Video games aren’t cheap. There are many times when people have to scrape the bottom of the barrel or save up in advanced to afford the latest title. Because of this, a lot of people miss the best games. Well no more! It’s time to look at some deals on Amazon in this PlayStation 4 edition of Daily Deals.


Batman: Arkham Knight (£13.95)

Batman and his bat friends foes all reunited in this, the last game in the Arkham trilogy. It performed really well according to both critics and sales figures. Just make sure that you avoid the PC version with every fiber of your being as that was plagued with issues from the very beginning. However if you play it on console, you’ll love it.


Endless Space Emperor Edition (£1.00!!!!!)

It isn’t very often that the opportunity to buy a video game for £1 arises. It’s even less common when the game in question is actually good. Today is one of those days as you can purchase the Endless Space Collection for just £1 on steam (the offer ends on the 17th April). This collection includes Endless Space and Endless Space – Disharmony which would usually combine to cost £24.99. That is a 96% saving. Buy. Buy. Buy. HERE!


Far Cry Primal and Far Cry 4 (£21.99)

The most expensive purchase on this list, although technically it isn’t. You get 2 great games which means that each game is less than £11 each. That’s a bargain in my book.


Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (£14.84)

Get pumped for the upcoming sequel, Shadow of War by playing the brilliant original. Shadow of Mordor is an open-world take on the Lord of the Rings franchise and it is brilliant made. It has the first (that I can remember) enemy hierarchy which adds a really interesting feel to it.

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