Call of Duty World War 2 leaked?

The Call of Duty franchise recently announced that it would be returning to its roots and that had many fans and critics speculating over their meaning. Did that mean that they would re-release old games alongside new games as they did with Modern Warfare Remastered? Did it mean that they were going to start only releasing games for PS2 again? That was sarcasm if you didn’t catch on.


Historical shooters

However, according to TheFamilyVideoGamers on YouTube, they believe it to mean that they are going back to making war games based on real life wars. After the train-wrecks that the last few Call of Duty’s have been, this would be a smart move. But there’s more… Said YouTube channel is claiming to have proof (They do admit it’s unconfirmed) that the next CoD game will be based on World War 2. The title of the game believed to be Call of Duty WWII which could be either World War II or World at War II (a direct follow up to world at war).



The information and screenshots could be legit or it could be a way to coax more people into subscribing to his YouTube channel. We have seen it before, a YouTuber claims to have info on a new game which they know will be incredibly popular. They include a clickbait-y title and make sure that they tell people to like and subscribe so that they will be alerted when there is more news. It works though. Looking at the guys YouTube channel will tell you all that you need to know. Most of his recent videos average less than 10 views, with older ones ranging anywhere from 10 to 500 views. However this video regarding CoD WW2 has got over 50,000 views in 2 days and his subscriber count has tripled in that time.

Now it could be that he’s being truthful but to say that someone reached out to him with this information instead of someone will millions of daily views doesn’t quite sit right with me. Since the video launched (2 days ago) there has already been a follow up video with LETS TALK WW2 in the title.


Time will tell as to how truthful it is but in my opinion I’m calling bullsh*t. I do respect the hustle though.


I will embed the video below so that you can make your own minds up.

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