Xbox One X Officially Announced!

Microsoft fans rejoice! It has been officially announced that code name Scorpio is now officially the Xbox One X, although is it just me that thinks Scorpio is a way cooler name? Not to be confused with the Xbox One S which was a smaller version of the original Xbox One, the X is a completely redesigned console. It features a more powerful processor, GPU and more storage than the regular Xbox One. It’s capable of running games in 4K with as little lag as possible, much the same as the PlayStation 4 Pro.



The thing that I don’t really get about the X is the price. It’s going to start at £450 per unit. That’s £100 more than the PS4 Pro. Obviously it’s a more powerful machine but at the end of the day, 4K is 4K. Can you really justify an extra £100 for a same generation console, in my opinion no. Plus, let’s not forget that in this console generation, Sony has a much better collection of games than Microsoft do. You could argue that the Xbox One X will be more ‘future proof’ than the PS4 Pro but there will probably be a new console generation in 2-3 years, therefore personally I can’t recommend spending an extra £100.


Release date

The Xbox One X is due to be released on November 7th for £450.


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