What we can expect from Destiny 2

Destiny was a gigantic release when it first came out in 2014. It was billed as the first, original, first person shooter designed for the new consoles. The game¬†created huge ripples in the gaming world and is still one of the most popular games on twitch almost 3 years later. It wasn’t necessarily popular because it was good (it was good, but not great), it was popular because it was one of the first drop-in, drop-out co-op multiplayer games. Now that the sequel is potentially only half a year away what can we expect to see from it?


 What is our Destiny?

The story is what let Destiny down somewhat. The interaction was very good but once you reached about 10 hours of play time all of the missions were the same, they just had higher level enemies. It got to the stage where you would start a new mission but know exactly where to be, when enemies would appear, where the best cover is etc. Destiny 2 HAS to improve its story telling. There has to be more than just a regular old shoot’em up. There has to be characters that people care about and an actual meaning in what you’re doing. Just give us something to make us care.



Lots of people hated on the first game but personally I found Destiny quite enjoyable. Yes, it got very repetitive but when I was playing online with my friends it didn’t really bother me, I was still having fun. Gameplay-wise I found it to be a solid game. There were occasions where players or enemies would get stuck on the smallest ridge but other than that I think we could live with more of the same in terms of the controls and physics systems.



There should be more of everything. Gamers are greedy, we always want more. We like to put our own stamp on things, to put a little bit of our own personalities into the games that we play. Give us more customisable armour, ships, weapons, AI companions. If you can think of adding something into the game, add more of it. Make it different shapes, colours, textures. We don’t run into another player that looks the same as us (unless we want to co-ordinator our own squad’s appearance).


When will it be released?

Destiny 2 is scheduled for release in Autumn 2017. It’s rumoured to be in early to mid-November but nothing is yet set in stone.



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