WE’RE BACK, BABY!… Kind of!

After 6 months of radio silence, Bad Unit Games has returned. This time however, things are a little different. First of all let me give you a little insight in to why the site came to a halt and then I’ll inform you of a few changes happening at Bad Unit Games.


Why the silence?

To put it simply, TIME. The construct, not the magazine. Reviewing games/ technology, reading up on news stories, writing articles all takes time; a lot of time unfortunately. It is something I love doing but while being out of the house for 60 hours a week at work and doing an ICT degree do eat in to the time I have available. Granted, I do have a tendency to procrastinate which certainly doesn’t help but it still doesn’t take away from the 2-3 hours required each day to run this site to a standard that I am happy with (then even longer for when I’m reviewing games and technology).

This leads me on to my next point, putting out substandard content. This was the result of the time constraints. I would rush my articles so that I could publish them before I had to leave for work. This usually ended in me not being happy with the work that I put out and a drop in the quality which would not help the site to grow and flourish. It wasn’t fair to you,  it wasn’t fair to the producers who deserved more time and attention putting in to their work and it wasn’t fair to myself to let my standards drop.


So what does the future hold for Bad Unit Games?

To answer this I had to take a look back. I never wanted Bad Unit Games to just be a site which reviews the work of other people and comments on the goings on in the technology industry, I do enjoy doing that but more than anything it inspires me to produce work which is what I always intended for Bad Unit Games. As well as reviewing, testing and reporting on news my intention is to produce games and software under the BUG name. Now I am a very competent computer user but at best an amateur coder/programmer. I also cannot draw/animate to save my life so a lot of education, blood, sweat and tears will be required but I’m confident, if I work hard enough, it will all come to fruition in the end. However I am not putting a timescale on it.


So what about the site? Will daily updates return?

Simply put, no. Articles will return but they will almost certainly not be daily, they may potentially only be weekly but they will return. This means that I won’t be able to review every game or cover every piece of news however there will soon be a new category which will likely be updated more and that is a DevBlog. When BUG begins creating its own work I will be providing regular(ish) updates throughout the creation process and giving you all an insight into the various successes and failures along the way.


Side note

I am also looking to feature more work from lesser known developers and companies so if you know of anyone you believe deserves more people talking about them feel free to let me know in the comments or on social media and I’ll gladly check out their work.


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