Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – Review

Welcome to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands… Catchy title, I’m just going to call it Wildlands from now on. Partly to save time and partly for SEO purposes (sorry to break the fourth wall). The latest Tom Clancy inspired game, created by Ubisoft is sure to sell big. But is it actually any good? The short answer is yes and no. So here’s the long answer:


Looks + Story

The world of Wildlands is incredibly real looking. Which considering it’s enormous scale is a massive achievement in its own right. the character customization options are also great in number. The chances are you won’t run into another player who looks like you which is a big improvement from The Division where everyone looked like they had an identical twin. The main missions are well written and voiced but occasionally they can get a little ‘jump cutty’. What I mean by that is that they sometimes feel as though they fall out of sequence and that they’ve been placed in at the wrong time during the game but other than that it really is a very interesting story. Also, with it being a huge open world experience there are plenty of side quests but they quickly start to feel like the same 10 missions re-skinned, although that is the norm for a game of this size.


Game play

The game play is really solid. It doesn’t exactly do anything out of the blue, it controls just as a shooting game should. Aiming is responsive and quick plus it can be leveled up to improve further. However, driving does require some work. It’s a vast improvement from the Beta but it is still not good enough. You can pretty much drive straight up almost vertical surfaces on vastly under-powered bikes. Steering feels like a coin flip; one second it will be like swimming in custard and the next like a static shock. There is no in between but the driving mechanics have always been where Ubisoft struggles.



As with (pretty much) all Ubisoft games of late there are so many small bugs and glitches in Wildlands. Ubisoft seem to always release games with bugs in, remember the Assassin’s creed faces? They even got their own meme. I really don’t understand why. Surely one of the biggest game makers in the world can thoroughly test and fix the bugs that it finds? I know that games are incredibly complex now a days but with the amount of money that they’ve put in to make this game, you’d think that they would want to make it properly. There were cases when my friends just started floating out of the car I was driving, not to mention the infamous motorcycle glitch where players get thrown several miles through the air and land completely unharmed.



Wildlands is a fun, what you see is what you get shooter. It isn’t perfect by any stretch and will probably not be making any top 5 lists for 2017 but it is a fun experience to play with friends online.



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  • Still quite buggy
  • Driving still needs some work

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