Telltale Games Guardians of the Galaxy

This is a really interesting one, Telltale Games are putting their spin on the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. The much loved group of degenerates will return to our lives, just in time for when the second movie comes out (clever marketing by the way). It will no doubt be a hit as all Telltale Games are.


What will it be like?

Telltale Games has produced some really brilliant, but very dark games. With The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us under their belt thus far it doesn’t really feel as though Guardians fits the same kind of demographic. They don’t always make dark games however, lest we not forget that they also made Minecraft: Story Mode. In my opinion though, their best work is the dark stuff. That is where I have my reservations about their take on Guardians. It isn’t a dark franchise. Ok, it isn’t squeaky clean, the main guy is basically a nomad thief but it doesn’t contain any kind of graphic content or foul language like the walking dead or the original Grimm brothers’ fairy tales.

I just hope that they don’t try and pander to a young audience, I don’t necessarily think they will but the possibility is there. For the most part I am pretty sure it will be the same as other Telltale Games. Very story heavy with the story dependent on which choice options you make. That’s Telltale’s formula and it’s very effective so it’d be stupid if they changed it.


Release date

As with other Telltale titles, Guardians will be released periodically in chapters. While there is currently no date pinpointed for the release of the first part, we have been assured that it will be in 2017.

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