Tekken 7 – Review

If you were to ask a lot of people what their favourite fighting game is. I’m sure many would reply with either Street Fighter, Injustice, Soul Calibur or Mortal Kombat but for me the King (pun intended) of fighting games has always been the Tekken series. I remember spending hours (and what was probably quite a lot of money) on the Tekken arcade machines during our family holidays where I would try and learn the combination move to teleport and fly as Yoshimitsu (I did by the way, come at me).


Tekken 7

The first Tekken game was released back in 1994. First as an arcade game before later being ported to the original PlayStation. Fast forward 13 years and we come to the latest release in an already very well respected franchise, Tekken 7. Tekken 7 does something brilliant compared to most sequels and that is, it does exactly the same as the previous games. It has added extras too but it hasn’t taken anything that we love away from the earlier games.

The story line, as with all fighting games is kind of either love or hate. I personally love it because it’s really weird but I could understand people thinking it’s stupid. It’s basically a son trying to kill his father followed by the father trying to kill his son. Like I said, it’s weird.


Game Play

In terms of game play, it is very similar to all of it’s predecessors. You have the choice of button bashing with your favourite characters or you can learn each fighter’s combinations. However where this game does separate itself not only from its competition but also from its predecessors is the ability to customise your characters. There are thousands and thousands of different combinations; including being able to make Yoshimitsu look like a hammerhead shark.



Tekken is still the King (pun intended again) of the fighting game genre, the mechanics and overall responsiveness manage to make the game feel more fun than its competition and the character customisation puts it miles ahead.


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Tekken 7

Tekken 7


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