Steam Anime Weekend Sale – My Top Picks

Steam regularly holds sales where players all over the world stock up on games which they then don’t play for the next 12 months. This weekend it is the turn of anime games with hundreds of titles at up to 80% off. I do love these sales because it gives me the chance to play games that I had never tried before. Here are my top picks for this weekend’s sale; I’d recommend picking them up if you get the chance.



As well as games, there are also anime shows in the Steam sale. My favourite’s in this sale are, in no particular order: Relife, Re:Zero, Gintama, Mob Psycho 100 and Berserk.


#5 – Learn Japanese to Survive! Hiragana Battle (50% off)

I’m kicking off this list with an educational game. Please don’t leave yet. It’s actually really good for anyone trying to learn Japanese but has no prior knowledge and it’s only £2.49 this weekend. It isn’t only educational as there is also a JRPG element to the game.


#4 – Aragami (50% off)

Ever wanted to play as a shadow controlling, undead assassin? What do you mean you’ve never thought about it? Well, Ok but now you can anyway, and for only £7.49.


#3 – Street Fighter V (50% off)

Who doesn’t know the Street Fighter franchise? Well now you can pick up the latest version of one of the best/original fighting arcade games for half of what it would usually cost. Pick it up, get a few friends round, crack a few beer open and let the banter and rage flow.


#2 – Danganronpa series (40-46% off)

Danganronpa is huge in Japan (no pun intended) and if you take the time to play the games you will see why. The anime is good but in my opinion the games are even better. They are a series of detective, thriller, school games and are great role playing games.


#1 – Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (33% off)

If you are like me and was raised on Dragon Ball Z this is a must buy game for you. If it’s still a little expensive for you then you can pick up the first game, Dragon Ball Xenoverse (currently 75% off).


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