Sniper Elite 4 – Review

Sniper Elite has returned for the fourth game in its series. I will be completely honest, I tried the first three but wasn’t impressed enough to give any of them any meaningful time. However with this new game I have two words: TESTICLE SHOTS. Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking 10/10 best game ever but let me make it even better. HITLER TESTICLE SHOTS. 11/10 THIS IS THE PEAK IN GAMING HISTORY. However Sniper Elite 4 does have one big problem, and that’s Battlefield 1.


I don’t need to describe the story. It is the same as all past based shooting games. Nazi Germany blah blah blah. Kill Mr Hitler blah blah blah. It is a story that we have seen a thousand times. The main difference being that unlike most games, you undertake missions alone rather than with a big squad of team mates (unless you play co-op).


Game play

Again, testicle shots. Ok but in all series the game play can be a little irritating. There were instances where cover occasionally failed to exist despite there being an object there and other times where enemies seemed to know where I was, as if by magic. However it isn’t all bad. Sniper Elite is a good game for player choice. It doesn’t allow your choices to affect the story but you are free to perform the missions in multiple ways. You are free to choose where you attack from, how you attack, whether you sync your shots with other loud noises etc. This aspect of the game is by far it’s strongest element. The sense of freedom is really refreshing I just wish I cared more about the story to fully appreciate the freedom.



Sniper Elite’s multiplayer co-op function and competitive game modes are reintroduced and are pretty much the same as both previous and most other shooting games, with the exception of BF1. To give it some credit, I never experienced any lag or ping issues in the hours that I spent online but overall it falls a little short as it just feels a little unrewarding. There is no great sense of satisfaction that you get from the great games in this genre. Without meaning to sound too harsh, it just feels an it too generic.


Sniper Elite 4 is a well made sequel in the Sniper Elite franchise but it overall seems a little underwhelming compared to the leaders in the genre.


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