Shadow of War’s Enhanced Nemesis System

My favourite part of Shadow of Mordor was its Nemesis System and I’m pleased to say that it has been further enhanced in Shadow of War. Not only is there now a more in depth system for your enemies but there is also a system in place for your allies. One of the more interesting aspects with Shadow of War’s system is that you can recruit some enemies into your army using the ring of power.


Battle strategies

Players have the ability to strategise battles much more effectively by reviewing your followers before a battle. This is a great feature because it gives the AI a personality and allows you to create an on-going narrative with your generals and captains. The flip side of this is that you will probably rage more at the game. When you find an Orc that you like and he dies in battle, I imagine players will get upset. This is great because it means you will spend more time working on strategies rather than just rushing into battle and trying to kill everything on your own.


Incredibly clever AI or not?

Another great feature is that, in the 16 mins of gameplay footage below. We see the player is rescued by one of his comrades as he is about to be killed. This could be an event scripted into the story, or more excitingly, it could mean that your comrades have real time AI. For example, if he hadn’t made it to that sniping position, the player could have died. I find this to be a really interesting mechanic which could flip a battle on its head in the blink of an eye. Hopefully we will find more out about this system ahead of Shadow of War’s 25th August release date.



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