Red Dead Redemption 2 Release date

Leaks are seeming to get more and more popular in the video game world now and with Red Dead Redemption 2 things are no different. Although nothing has been officially announced in terms of a projected release date, the team over at appear to have access to knowledge that us mere mortals don’t. On their website they have Red Dead 2 available for pre-order with it saying that its release date is 26th September.


Real or fake?

The fact that they listed it is very real (I’ve seen it with my own eyes and inserted a print screen from their site below) but do I think it’s a real release date or not? Well, even though I’m a very cynical human in general, I do think it will be real. Rockstar officially announced they were working on the game in October 2016, companies only usually announce that about AAA titles when they are (at the very most) 12-18 months away. They do this to start generating hype. If the wait is too short it won’t be able to create enough hype and if the wait is too long people get bored of waiting and their excitement dips. Rockstar also have a habit of releasing their games in Autumn, this allows them to capitalise on Christmas advertising and sales.


So unless there is a press release to the contrary, we can expect Red Dead Redemption 2 to be inserted into our devices on the 26th September 2017.


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