Outlast 2 is almost here!

Outlast 2 is now only two weeks away and it is promising to be jumpier, gorier and longer than its predecessor. The original Outlast was a game that really revolutionised horror games by creating true immersion through its first person camera and beautifully crafted sound. Unlike many other horror games of the time, it also had quite an interesting story to it. With all of that being said, what can we expect from Outlast 2?


Outlast(ing) its predecessor?

I apologise for the terrible pun. It was the only way I could refer to its length in a mildly creative way. According to Outlast’s developers, Red Barrels, the sequel is going to be much longer than the original. In fact Philippe Morin (Red Barrels’ president) states that the sequel will be “at least 30 percent longer”. He then goes on to also say it will also be scarier than the first game and if that is true, you’d better buy a few extra pairs of underwear.


Release date

Outlast 2 is scheduled to be released on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One on the 25th April 2017. Prepare yourselves in advance.



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