Nintendo Switch – Review

The Nintendo Switch has finally been released! For months, fans have been waiting eagerly for the day that they could get their hands on the Switch. In this review I won’t be getting in depth with the games on offer as I have covered that in this post. (And for my Zelda review click here!) This review will focus mainly on the console itself.



The Nintendo Switch resembles more of a tablet than a traditional console. It (in portable mode) is a 6.2 inch screen with detachable controllers on either side. It comes with all of the usual tablet accessories; headphone jack, stand etc so that you can use it pretty much anywhere. The docking station (used when projecting your game onto a tv) is sleek and small enough to hide out of the way. Overall it looks great. However, and it is kind of a big however. It isn’t as big as it’s made out to be in the adverts. The iPhone 6 plus has a screen size of 5.5 inches, that is only 0.7″ smaller. Fine for playing single player games but on all the adverts where it shows 2 friends playing split screen mode, I can’t really see it working in reality. Both friends would probably require a trip to the opticians after playing on half of a 6.2″ screen for any amount of time. Also, as I was cursed with big hands I find it difficult to use the tiny portable controllers and often have to opt for the full size, Xbox style, controller.



This is where Nintendo has fallen short of it’s competitors ever since the SNES. It has focused more on the nostalgia and novelty factors than trying to create more powerful systems than the Sony and Microsoft power houses. The concerning thing about the switch is that it can’t even compare in power to the original (not updated) PS4 and Xbox One. Those consoles are 3 years old. You also only have access to half the graphics capabilities when undocked, so whilst playing in portable mode there may be a few frame rate issues.



All of the power issues don’t matter though. It has never been Nintendo’s aim to create a powerful system. The Switch was made for one reason. To be fun. And it is. Nintendo have a way of getting the nostalgia flowing and making you enjoy yourself. When I play the switch I can’t help but think back to playing Pokemon Red & Blue on the original GameBoy at my grandparent’s house (Yes, I am that old). The Switch may not have the hardest/ most competitive games but you enjoy them regardless. To use a cliche, it makes you feel like a kid again. It allows you, no matter where you are, to shut the world off around you for a few hours. It’s great.



I’m not saying that it is going to replace my PlayStation or PC but as a travel companion, there’s nothing better.



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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch


  • It's fun
  • It's portable
  • Easy to set up.


  • Smaller than you think
  • Controller difficult for people with big hands

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