Nier: Automata – Review

Nier Automata is the latest title from Square Enix, developed by Platinum Games. The way I like to think of it is Horizon: Zero Dawn but made by/for Japan. The main premise behind the game is that aliens have brought their machines to earth and it started an apocalyptic event. To prevent extinction, humans moved to the moon to build a robot army of their own before taking said army back to earth to kill the alien robots. As you may have gathered, it’s weird. But I love it.



Square Enix don’t publish ugly games and Nier is no different. From the small details in the weapons and character expressions to the enormous destroyed buildings it really is a beautiful looking game. Even better than the looks however, is the soundtrack. If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy type soundtracks you will love it. In my opinion it brilliantly pieces together the game. The action scenes is seamlessly done and as with all Enix titles, the cutscenes are incredible well created.


Story and gameplay

There is no other word to describe the story other than weird. To me however, that isn’t a bad thing. In fact I find it really refreshing, most games now a days follow the same sort of structure and to find one that is so ‘out there’ and pushing against convention is just, in my opinion, brilliant. The pacing of the story can get a little too strange at times but it’s nothing that you can’t deal with. The gameplay follows the same sort of  unconventional aspect. On some missions you play an asteroid game, another you ride a rollercoaster and shoot enemies in a metal slug kind of experience. Lots of people, myself included, will go into the game thinking it will be like Horizon as you are killing robots to save mankind but in truth, that’s where the similarities end.

One thing that does separate Nier from other games is its controls.  It seems something that should be easy to do but Nier’s controls are faultless. Everything works exactly the way that it’s supposed to. I didn’t experience any occasions where the controls didn’t work exactly as they were supposed to. It really is something that any game should be able to do well, but very few actually pull it off.



I really enjoy Nier: Automata as it is truly an original game. I understand that it won’t be for everyone as there are lots of gamers who just want an easy to follow story that you can easily get into but I found it really interesting.



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Nier: Automata

Nier: Automata


  • Looks great
  • Controls perfectly
  • Very weird
  • Original


  • Very weird
  • Story is a little 'out there'

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