New Mass Effect Andromeda Gamplay

Mass Effect Andromeda is only a month away. EA/BioWare are starting to really ramp up the hype-train and the Andromeda guys have now released the following video detailing some of the new features. It looks as though Andromeda maximizes on the one aspect that has always been a big plus in the Mass Effect games, and that is player choice. When a lot of games try to push you down a certain path based on your play style, Andromeda says “Nah, you can do whatever you want” and you can constantly flip the game on its head, changing your style completely by purchasing different weapons and skills.

However, what isn’t spoken about in this 5 minute gameplay teaser is the main element of Andromeda that I am most looking forward to and that is the exploration. It is reported to be the largest game that BioWare has ever made in terms of sheer size and they’ve made some pretty colossal games already. Players should also have a lot of freedom in where they can go and the actions that they can take. It has always been a series that focuses closely on player choice with the last game having three different endings. Hopefully this game will only build on what the previous Mass Effect games started.

Many fans were a little disappointed when they found out about the story not following the same arc as the trilogy but I can only see it helping this game. It gives the writers a lot more freedom and the fact that its set 600 years after the second game in another galaxy allows the games creator’s imagination to go all out.


There are sure to be many more small tidbits of information released over the next 4 weeks so be sure to check back regularly for further updates.

Andromeda will be released on 23rd March 2017 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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