Avatar 2 game in the works?

Hey, does anyone remember Avatar? I mean the tall smurf one and not the bald kid who has the power of an nuclear powered deskĀ fan. Yeah, you know THAT Avatar. the highest grossing movie of all time made by the brilliant James Cameron. Well do you remember the game that was created and released around the same time? Originally titled Avatar: The Game? No? Even if your answer to that question is yes, you will wish that your answer was no. To say it was bad was an understatement. Although having said that I can’t think of any games, based on movies, that are actually at least half decent.


Avatar: The Game 2?

So with that in mind, it has been announced that Ubisoft are working on a second Avatar game. I don’t know how to feel about this. The downside is that games based on movies are poo poo. However that doesn’t mean that this one will be. For starters, it will be made on the Snowdrop engine which is very, very powerful. It is in fact the same engine that The Division is built on. Secondly, the second Avatar movie won’t be out until, at the earliest, 2018. This gives Ubisoft ample time to develop it as I’m pretty sure they will want to release them both at the same time for marketing purposes. It’s far to early to say that the game will flop. For once I’m actually quite optimistic for a movie based game.


Little is known at the time being as it is in very early development but we will be sure to keep you updated when more news arises.


For now let us all revel in the train wreck which was Avatar: The Game.

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