Need for Speed Payback Announced

Need For Speed use to be the king of racing games in my opinion but the last 3 or 4 games have been way below the standard that the earlier titles set. The peak for me, at least the one that I remember putting a lot of my time into, was Need For Speed Underground 2. The open world setting is what set it apart from nearly all other racing games, the fact that you had to drive to where the races were was a mechanic that hadn’t really been seen before in the mainstream racing market and it made for a refreshing feel.

However, by far the best part of the entire Need For Speed series is the customisation aspect. The fact that you and your best friend can buy the exact same car and make them nothing alike, both in appearance and performance, is great.


Need For Speed Payback

Thus, we come to the latest game in the Need for Speed arsenal, Need for Speed Payback. It is pretty much guaranteed to follow the same blueprint as previous games; cutomisation-a-plenty, open world setting, overly dramatised story etc. I’m not sure if the story is supposed to follow on from the last game or not as I only played it for a few races before I decided I didn’t like it. From the trailer we can see everyone’s classic, go-to Skyline as well as a smorgesbord of other usable vehicles. We will almost certainly be spoiled for choice. Check out the reveal trailer below.


Release date

Need for Speed Payback is scheduled to be released November 10th 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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