Free “The Division” content for everyone!

Ubisoft has officially announced that all of the content for year two of The Division will be released for free! This is kind of a huge move, for a triple A title to provide free content a year after release is more or less unheard of. It has not yet been fully confirmed what content will be made available to players but there is believed to be a new event system, new vanity items and seasons. I don’t personally think there will be much in terms of added story to the Division. When the press release says things like “allows players to create their own stories” that pretty much means “we haven’t added any new story”.


When will it be released?

There are 2 different free expansion packs with the first one scheduled to be released in the summer of 2017. There is no official time period for the second expansion release but I would estimate it to be around Christmas 2017, I’m only guessing this from a business standpoint as it would likely boost sales for the Division.



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