Fifa 18 Reveal Trailer!

This may come as a shock to many but there will be another Fifa game and even more surprisingly it will be called Fifa 18! Dun dun dunnnnn. If you haven’t noticed I’m being sarcastic as there is a new game in this franchise every year. As a football fan I always get excited about it and buy it. Then after playing it for around a month I don’t touch it again until the next game comes out. EA are very good at making each game seem new when in actual fact they only make minor tweaks each year. Except of course for Fifa 17 where they switched over to the Frostbite engine to include a story mode. They are again sticking with that same engine although the story mode hasn’t been officially announced.


What’s new in Fifa 18?

Well, as of what we know right now, not a lot. We are sure to get a list as long as your arm of updates and changes at E3 but all we have really been told thus far is about the Legends in Fifa Ultimate Team. Currently, they’re only available on the Xbox One but I think EA are just now seeing the PlayStation VS Xbox sales figures because as of the next game they will be available on every system, only they won’t be called Legends. They are being re-branded to Icons.


Release date

Fifa 18 will be released on September 29th 2017, a little later than usual, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (although could be a lesser product) and PC.


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