Farpoint – Review

Farpoint has a lot of pressure on its shoulders. In a world where virtual reality gaming hasn’t really hit the heights that it was expected to, Farpoint is being billed as the first true game to fully harness virtual reality rather than just use it for its novelty factor. The game was developed by Impulse Gear who’s aim is to develop VR games for the masses which are at the same quality as regular, non-virtual reality titles. They are a team consisting mainly of former EA employees and Farpoint is their first major project.


What is Farpoint?

Farpoint is a virtual reality, first person shooter. It takes place on a distant alien planet and throughout the game you are faced with hideous aliens to kill in order to rescue a couple of scientists. The main campaign is only around 5 hours long and it does feel massively rushed. However, due to the fact that many people develop motion sickness when in virtual reality it is probably better to keep it short and sweet. The cut-scenes during the campaign are also a bit of an issue for me. You have a fixed view of the world again rather than free reign to do what you want. I understand why they did it, to try and get people interested in the story line but in truth it just breaks the immersion.

The best part about the game though is, by far, the game play. The guns that you get to use feel a lot more real in effects than any other vr game that I’ve played thus far, especially if you buy the gun accessory that’s available to use alongside Farpoint. Unfortunately though, there isn’t enough variety with the guns. You can only use a very small selection throughout the whole of the game.


Does it truly define the VR section?

In short, no. It is probably the first VR game that doesn’t feel like a science project. You don’t spend the entire play time learning new things that you can do with virtual reality but to me it feels massively arcade-y. The point of virtual reality is that it is supposed to feel like reality but Farpoint doesn’t. The fact that all of the aliens attack only from the front feels cheap. I want to be looking around doing 360’s everywhere to watch my back, instead it feels like I’m 10 years old again playing House of the Dead in the local arcade.



Farpoint does have its good qualities but for me overall it’s a bit of a let down. Maybe I had hyped the game up too much in my head. I’m sure that development for virtual reality is very difficult but surely it could be better. When VR was first announced I dreamed of playing all first person games like Skyrim, Fallout or even GTA 5 in virtual reality. Instead, Farpoint is the best that VR has to offer.


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  • Great use of VR


  • Enemies only attack from the front
  • Quite severe bugs


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