Escape from Tarkov news and updates

How have I forgotten about this? Escape from Tarkov was a game that I was massively hyped for when the announcement trailer dropped but until recently I completely forgot it was a thing. Until now that is. The alpha is out and some of the features seem really interesting.



Escape from Tarkov has one very unique and interesting feature. Its gear system. Players have a stash of items that they can choose to equip their character with. The problem being that if your character dies, you lose that gear. I think this will make for some really interesting games and possibly some equally defensive games. This might be spoiled however. If the developers choose to monetize the game with micro-transactions it, for me, will ruin the experience and take away the fear factor that players will experience. If players can purchase the gear that they’ve just lost it then it takes away from the fear of dying.



Another great part of Escape from Tarkov is the gear customisation. You are able to make more changes to your gear in this game that I have ever seen. You can literally put a scope on top of a score. I don’t know why anyone would, but the option is there. Maybe you can hold your gun sideways and use them as binoculars.





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