Destiny 2 officially announced

The original Destiny game was a huge commercial success. So it’s only natural that Bungie would decide to make a sequel and alas, we now have Destiny 2. It was first announced on Twitter on Monday with the first teaser trailer being announced last night.


Changing the Destiny?

When Destiny was originally released the plan was to keep releasing content, in the form of dlc, every year for the game to keep it fresh without needing to resort to a sequel. However it looks as though that plan has changed. Maybe it was caused by a drop in returning players or maybe Bungie thought it best to fix the problems of the original game rather than just hiding them with dlc. Either way, it will be interesting to see how they perform with this new game. The first game was a juggernaut for its first few months but then it just seemed to die off with game play becoming very repetitive and the level cap meaning that you could no longer progress once you reached a certain point.


Release date

Although there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding Destiny 2’s release date there has been a poster leaked stating a release of 8th September 2017. However, it isn’t clear how legit that poster is but we should know more over the next couple of weeks.


Check out the brand new teaser trailer below.

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