daily deals artwork sat 27th may

Daily Deals – Saturday 27th May

It’s about time I looked at some more daily deals. There isn’t a theme behind this one, I just decided to scour Amazon to see what looked like good value for money.   Sony PSVR + Farpoint + Resident Evil 7 – £359.99 Starting off with the most expensive I’ve decided to look at virtual […]

far cry 5 artwork

Far Cry 5 Reveal Trailer

The official reveal trailer has finally been released for Far Cry 5 which you can watch down below. I have to say, after Far Cry 4 which I felt let down by, I didn’t even play Far Cry Primal because I didn’t feel even a little excited by it. However, Far Cry 5 looks like […]

far cry 5 artwork

Far Cry 5 Information Revealed

Well it seems as though Ubisoft has finally revealed the location of the latest game in the Far Cry series, Far Cry 5. It appears as though they are moving away from the tropical surroundings of the previous two games in the series (Excluding primal) and instead going a little more country as Far Cry […]

red dead redemption 2 artwork

Red Dead Redemption 2 Delayed?

Sad news for anyone eagerly anticipating Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar have just announced that the game has been delayed until Spring 2018 which is around 6 months later than its originally planned release date for Autumn of this year. Rockstar have apologised for the delay stating that the reason is “some extra time is […]

life is strange artwork

Life Is Strange 2 Officially Announced!

Life is Strange was a phenomenal game. If anyone hasn’t played it, stop reading this right now, go and play it. Developed by DONTNOD Entertainment and originally released back in January 2015 it received a massive cult following from both a regular audience and gaming critics. I can’t even begin to think how many times […]

destiny 2 artwork

Destiny 2 Game Play Footage!

Last night we were treated to the first game play footage from Destiny 2. A picture paints a thousand words therefore a video must paint a million. This is my way of saying that instead of me listing off everything in the game play reveal, I’ll embed the video down below so that you can […]

best mini-games the witcher artwork

The Witcher Is Getting A Netflix Show!

The Witcher, arguably one of the best fantasy book and video game series of all time, will be receiving its own Netflix show. Although best known as one of the biggest video game franchises of recent times, it originally began life as a series of 8 novels by Andrzej Sapowski. Sapowski will also be the […]

mega builds artwork

Are Mega Builds Worth It?

If someone was to ask me whether I thought mega builds (massively overpowered PCs) were worth the money that you pay for them (thousands upon thousands of dollars) the obvious answer would be no. However I think this answer raises more questions such as; Why do companies make them? Does anyone actually buy them? If […]

playerunknown's battlegrounds artwork

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Is Coming To Consoles

Console fans rejoice! Soon you will be able to play the massively over-hyped PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The PC version has been a huge commercial success but I for one was not a fan, you can read my review of the alpha here. I will probably give it a good go again when early access ends and […]

best mini-games the witcher artwork

The Best Video Game Mini-Games

It feels as though every game which is released now-a-days has some form of mini-game content in. That got me thinking, what are the best mini-games in the video game world? I collated a list of my five favourites to have a look at. #5 – Grand Theft Auto V Starting this list of best […]