What we can expect from Prey

When I first saw Prey game play all I could think of was that I was watching a trailer for Alien Isolation 2.0. Where as others have likened it to Bioshock in space but what can we actually expect from Prey? The truth is that it’s kind of a reboot/re-imagining of Prey which was released in 2006.


Prey is developed by Arkane studios who are the same guys behind the Dishonored games. For this game however they opted for a much realistic portrayal rather than the caricatured wonderfest of those previous games. It is set on a space station and from first appearances incredible detail was taken in the games world design (although everything looks good in trailers/game play that they show off).

Game Play

Players follow the story of Morgan, who appears to be some kind of astronaut turned science experiment as he battles his way through the space station. The main enemies seem to be shadow-like shape-shifting creatures called the Typhon organisms. They have the ability to become more or less any object in the game and can suddenly jump out at you without warning. This, if done right, will be terrifying. I imagine that it will get to a point where players crawl around at the speed of slow dreading which item will next attack them. Will it be a bin? a suitcase? a chair?

Just to heighten the fear, it seems as though the entire game is played in first person. Does this mean that there will be VR support? Nothing has been announced yet but one can only hope there is (but only if it comes with free underwear as standard).


From what I can piece together the main character Morgan becomes infected by the Typhon organisms leading people to experiment on him and his abilities. It also seems that the Typhon organisms escape from where they are being contained and begin to cause destruction. The only way for Morgan to stop earth from becoming infected he takes it upon himself to kill all life on the space station. I’m sure there will be more to it than this as it is a large game but I imagine that will be the main story line. Throw in a “mad” scientist or two who want to take them back to earth and I’m probably 100% correct. That isn’t me hating on it before it has even come out but most games of this horror/adventure genre seem to follow the same formula.

Release date

Prey is scheduled for release on 5th May 2017 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.



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