The Most Anticipated Game At E3!

E3 is here and it brings with it a selection of games and technology sure enough to satisfy any gamers needs. There are indie titles, AAA titles, hardware, software and pretty much anything that you could hope to see all packed in the LA Convention Center. Some games that may be on display are Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us 2, Destiny 2 (lot of sequels here), Days Gone, Fifa 18, Shadow of War and many, many more.



The hardware sections will likely be dominated by Xbox. They will be almost certainly announcing more details on the Scorpio as Phil Spencer has announced that it will be longer than the usual 90 minutes conferences that Microsoft usually holds. I don’t think there will be much from Sony (on the hardware side of things) as they have already made their move on an upgraded console. Alongside all of the Microsoft stuff, I imagine there will be a lot of VR based experiences for the public to try.



This is where most of my interest will be. The list of games that we will probably get a look at during E3 looks really strong. The big ones are obviously Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Last of Us Part 2 but for me the one that I am most looking forward to seeing is Days Gone. That may seem strange as The Last of Us is my favourite game of all time but that’s why I don’t want to see much from it. It’s still in development and I don’t want to see any hints that may reference what the game will be about. Where as with Days Gone it burst onto the scene at the last E3 but it’s gone completely silent. Has there been a lot of issues? Is it almost complete? Did it fall victim to its own hype? Lots of questions and hopefully at this E3 we will get some answers.


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