1-2 Switch – Review

1-2 Switch is a collection of party games all packaged under one name for the Nintendo Switch. It makes use of both halves of the Switch controllers to pit two players against each other in a series of mini games.


What are the game modes?

Air Guitar, Baby, Ball Count, Baseball, Beach Flag, Boxing Gym, Copy Dance, Dance Battle, Eating Contest, Fake Draw, Gorilla, Joycon Rotation, Milk, Plate Spin, Quick Draw, Runway, Safe Crack, Samurai training, Shave, Signal Flags, Sneaky Dice, Soda Shake, Sword Fight, Table Tennis, Telephone, Treasure Chest, Wizard and Zen. I’m too lazy to describe all of them but here is a snippet of what you can expect. Shave is a mini game where you have to shave as much of your face as possible. Soda Shake is a game where you have to shake up a fizzy drink. Milk is where you milk a cow. Gorilla is where you beat your chest. Ball Count (probably the most interesting) is where you have to guess how many balls are “in” your controller using the vibration function.

Fun for all the family?

To be honest, although 1-2 Switch is advertised as a family friendly game, it will soon turn into a drunk party game. I say this as there are a few of the games which put the player in… Well let’s say… Compromising positions. Ok, fine I’ll say it. It looks like you’re masturbating. Soda Shake, and Milk resemble that action and Eating Contest is even worse. Opening and closing your mouth whilst your hand is clasped around your controller mere inches from your face.


Are they at least fun?

Yes they are. The first couple times that you play 1-2 Switch. After that they get old really quick. You quickly discover that you don’t need to make really outlandish movements and that most mini games can be won with just a flick of the wrist. It’s more or less exactly the same as when the Wii was launched. Remember the adverts? People running around their living room to beat someone else at Tennis? Well that soon became people sat on a sofa flicking their wrist at a TV.



An expensive novelty and nothing more.



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1-2 Switch

1-2 Switch


  • They're interesting (ish)
  • Lot of sexual innuendo
  • Good if you're drunk


  • Interesting doesn't necessarily mean good
  • They're a novelty and nothing more

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